Anatomy Drawing Aid - The Human Head

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**Anatomy Drawing Aid 1 - The Human Head**

I've started drawing again recently and have been re-visiting some basic drawing principles and one of the things I have struggled with is correct proportions of human anatomy.

After studying and looking at a tonne of different references I sketched out my own simpler diagram form of the proportions of the human head. I was then using this as a reference. To make this available to other artists I re-created my original sketch in Adobe Illustrator and expanded this to 5 useful worksheets that can be printed and traced over or simply used to reference.

I plan to create a full figure version too and maybe expand this to specific areas of anatomy such as hands and feet etc.

**Included in this product:**

• Adobe Illustrator files
• PNG files
• PDF Worksheets

**NOTE:** I have included the worksheets in A4 and also US Letter to avoid any printer headaches!

The illustrator files were created in **Adobe Illustrator CC 2018** but I have also included legacy formats which **can be opened in Illustrator CS.**

**There are a couple of ways you can use these**

The PNG files can be opened in Photoshop and if you reduce the opacity of that layer you can sketch on top, using the worksheet as a reference. You can do the same thing in a more traditional analogue way by printing the worksheets out and laying a sheet of paper over the top to trace over.

I've personally printed a few copies of the **3 basic heads worksheet** and used these like mannequins to sketch out different hairstyles.

I'd love to hear how you use these and welcome any feedback or suggestions for future drawing aids.
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