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**Mousepad Mockup - Mouse Pad PSD Templates**

**Corner type 2**

**Video Overview and tutorial:** ( This tutorial are for all the mousepad sizes and types of the corners)
*Check this collection with all the mouse pad sizes and type of corners:*
This Mousepad Mockup - Mouse Pad PSD Templates pack allows you to quickly display your designs and layouts into a digital photo realistic showcase.
This pack contains 4 photo realistic fully customizable Mouse Pad Mockups
This is a list of all features inside this project mockup :
* **Easy editable with smart objects**
* 4 psd files
* 6 Different mouses per view ( 24 mouses total)
* Resolution 8400 pixels X 5258 pixels per mockup
* Perfectly isolated shadows, mouse pads, mouses, effects and background
* Help File Included
* You can move the mouse pads, mouses, remove/add effects and place your own background image.
* You can combine it with my other mouse pads from this year and make your own compositions.

if you have any questions about this mockup feel free to contact me :)

Help File includes:
How to place your design.
How to place your own background.
How to place the mouses.
How to correct the mouse pad effects to fit perfectly with your designs. Please see the video
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File Type: PSD
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop