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WATERCOLORWILD.GRAPHICS is a resource for watercolor flower clipart, with a modern twist on the Vintage Botanicals trend.

Like Vintage Botanicals all items are recognizable by species and stylishly authentic, and (for storytelling...) you may find different angles & stages of development, as they are painted after life. All come with transparent background and are cleaned by hand to give you our best .

And here's another package of the WATERCOLOR BOTANICALS COLLECTION :

DELICAT & PLAYFUL Wreaths & Frames (+ their separate elements), a collection **HANDPICKED** by Creative Market, and , **featured** on the CREATIVE MARKET blog in **FRESH DESIGNS!**

**WHAT'S IN IT ?**

In this bundle, you'll find (for detailed dimensions, please scroll down):

- 23 x Wreaths and frames PNGs

- 20 x Separate Items PNGs

There's a little 4 leaf clover hidden in every wreath or frame :) ...!

Except for two, but you can put it there, as you have the separate items too :)

The loooong and delicate clover stems(with outstanding quality of isolation) give the wreaths and frames their playful, joyful character, in a trendy(Pantone's) green.
The lily of the valley adds the needed spring feel and sweet vintage romance.

Multiple personalities possible for these items: you can either style your design trendy or stylishly classical, vintage or whimsical, to suit your various projects!

This package was originally made to create beautiful wedding invitation suites and greeting cards, but is equaly perfect for stationery, identity, packaging, banners, blogs, websites, cases, posters, t-shirts, DIY projects & more.

You like these wreaths, frames and flowers in green and white ?

Here's a Pink variation :

and here's a SHADES OF BLUE variation :

*PLEASE MAKE SURE to purchase an EXTENDED LICENSE when using the clipart for End Products with a run of more than 500 according to Creative Market's terms & conditions (FAQ & more info here: and here:
These items are Copyright 2016, attribution is always appreciated. *

All yours to go wild with & enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my shop,


Happy creating !


23 x Wreaths and frames PNGs

(4492 x 3120 px, 3200 x 2890 px, 3526 x 3184 px, 4270 x 1152 px, 3454 x 1002 px,
2609 x 3659 px, 3395 x 1912 px, 2938 x 1059 px, 2268 x 2240 px, 3596 x 3657 px,
3284 x 3862 px, 2609 x 3659 px, 2609 x 3659 px, 3492 x 3696 px, 4492 x 3120 px,
3335 x 3362 px, 2609 x 3659 px, 4368 x 3572 px, 2285 x 1650 px, 2268 x 2240 px,
3288 x 3351 px, 3425 x 4134 px, 3600 x 3600 px)

20 x Separate Items PNGs come in different sizes, approximately between 780 x 2600 px

(there are no fonts included)
File Type: PNG, JPG, PDF
File Size: 228.47 MB
DPI: 300