Snowy Animated Effect for Instagram

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Snowy Animated Effect for Instagram. With this product you can add real snow animated effect over your images, graphics and text and you can export your animation as 1080 HD movie using Timeline Render in Photoshop.

The effects includes 3 different overlay snow layers: Heavy Snow, Normal Snow, and Light Snow. Also you can combine the layers to create new and unique snow effects.

You can see it on Instagram here


**Play the preview video to see the final render.**

**How the Effect Works?**

1. Open the PSD file
2. Inside Photoshop Open the Timeline Panel. Go to Window menu and chose Timeline
3. Place your image inside the "Image" Layer's Folder and extend it to entire timeline.
4. Open the Animated Snow layer group and choose your snow type.
5. Open your text layer and change with your message (You can add as many text layers you want just be sure the position of the layers in timeline)
6. Change your music track (Click that music note icon on Audio Track in Timeline and import your track)
7. Crop the document for Instragram size. Go to Image Canvas size and resize to 1080x1080 px.
8. If everything is placed correctly in your Timeline you can render your video. (Click on that bend arrow under the timeline layers).

If you don't understand these steps please message me and I will help you.
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
File Type: TIFF, PSD
File Size: 413.66 MB