Pineapple and juicy fruits, vector

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**Pineapple and juicy fruits, vector illustration isolated on white**

Dear customers,

**please note, I create all my vector files in the program Adobe Illustrator, and sell the files in the editable .eps format (10th version). The attached archive also contains high-resolution images in the .jpg format.**

**But if you work in Adobe Photoshop and you need to have some of my files in the .psd format, just let me know please, send me a request with your email address and I will be happy to prepare for you the necessary .psd file, for free!**

**There is no limit to you creating your own combinations: you can mix icons together and scale them without any loss of quality as they are 100% vectors.**

Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,
owner of 'Allevinatis Studio'

**The vectors can be used wherever you want. For example:**
- *Advertising for packaging*

- *Images for outdoor advertising*

- *E-commerce websites*

- *Web and mobile applications*

- *Your blog or pages on social networking*

- *Banners and ads*

- *Brochures, advertising leaflets and flyers*

- *Greeting cards*

- *Invitation cards*

- *As an illustration for relevant articles in magazine or as a picture for a cookery book*
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Compatible with: Adobe Illustrator