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An 83 page PDF ebook on Instagram - learn the ins & outs of using Instagram for your travel brand or business.

Hi! I’m Kamara, luxury travel writer & creator of Euriental. I have worked with many brands, from luggage companies to world renowned beauty brands to tourism boards to luxury hotels around the world...and no, I don't have half a million followers. Or even a quarter, for that matter!

I started off using Instagram like most of you may have - for fun, posting only for friends to see, posting anything I felt inclined to post, no matter how low quality or random the photo (and some of them were really terrible, trust me!). At some point I began to realise Instagram could be more than just the next fun ‘it’ platform after Facebook and began to take it a little more seriously and share with intent.

After receiving countless questions on how exactly Instagram can be used to earn money, travel for 'free', etc. I decided - why not just share everything I learned along the way with everyone else? I am living proof that you don’t need a HUGE following to find value in Instagram or make profit from using the platform...and now, after pouring my heart into this ebook, I'm delighted to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

This book is an open, honest and to-the-point look at how Instagram can be utilised to your benefit to connect with, inspire and sell to others in a way that benefits both parties.

What if, instead of hiring a virtual assistant and paying regularly to have them seek out potential followers for you, you take control of your account yourself and understand how to enjoy utilising the platform for your business? What if, instead of paying hundreds to take an online Instagram course, you pay less than £30 for an ebook that teaches the same methods in a shorter time?

With this book, you will be equipped with the essentials to not only understand but to actually implement the necessary methods to grow your account authentically.


You will get a 83 page ebook delving into the following topics:

**Chapter 1: Preparing your Profile**

- 3 things your bio must include in order to fine-tune your account
- What type of profile should you have?
- An in-depth guide: clearly define your niche to attract your ideal followers
- How to define your ideal follower

**Chapter 2: Content, Content, Content**

- 5 techniques for taking beautiful photos (even with a cameraphone)
- The power of a cohesive theme and 5 proven ways to create yours
- What content you should be posting (and what you shouldn't)
- When should you be posting?
- 4 methods you should use (every time) to ensure your content reaches fresh eyes
- How to encourage and use user generated content to grow your 'gram
- Measuring success on Instagram (using analytics to track progress and grow faster)
- How to deal with negativity

**Chapter 3: Tags - Be a Hashtag Hotshot**

- What hashtags should you be using?
- 5 effective methods for discovering your ideal hashtags
- Uncover how to make it to Top Posts in your tags and start being seen
- Leveraging community hashtags to grow your own account

**Chapter 4: Community Engagement**

- How to engage your audience once your content strategy is in place
- Reasons your engagement has dropped
- Using Instagram Stories to connect with your followers
- How to use IGTV to connect with your audience
- How to maintain a high rate of engagement and growth

**Chapter 5: Giveaways, Contests & Collaborations**

- 8 steps to successful giveaways/contests
- The power of collaborations - 5 ways to collaborate with others in your niche
- How to find others to collaborate with


Bonus added! Get never-before-seen insight into how 6 successful travel accounts (including hotels, tourist boards and a travel blogger) have grown their accounts organically with a 10 page Q&A digital booklet.

Please take a quick peek inside via the photos above to see full contents and a little ebook foreword.

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