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This digital brush bundle kit contains FOURTEEN unique hand-designed brushes. These brushes are specifically designed for lettering. They are pressure sensitive and require the use of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Other pressure sensitive stylus or tablets may work with these brushes, I just have never tried them with anything else, besides the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro. No refunds will be given on orders that neglect to understand this may not work with other tablets and styluses.

These brushes are perfect for creating different hand-lettering styles! They are useful for all stages of lettering- beginner, intermediate and pro.



ZIP folder containing:
-(1) SA Modern Callig- Your everyday, simple modern calligraphy brush with thin and thick lines and no texture.
-(1) SA Dry Paint Letter- Creates a thin and thick brush with a dry paint-like texture.
-(1) SA Messy Paint Letter- Creates a thin and thick brush with a messy paint-like texture.
-(1) SA Paint Pen- Creates a thin and thick brush with a paint-like texture.
-(1) SA By My Side Letter- Thin and thick brush that has two lines that show up side by side.
-(1) SA Balloon Letter- This brush also has thin and thick calligraphy lines but has a line within the brush that makes it look almost like a balloon.
-(1) SA Block Letter- This brush can emulate block style letters.
-(1) SA Faded Letter- Brush has different opacity and has a nice texture
-(1) SA Glitz Letter- A glitter texture brush. Use different colors to get different glitter colors.
-(1) SA Wagner Letter- This is another modern type calligraphy brush with a slight texture. It is my absolute favorite which is why I gave it my name!
-(1) SA Semi Wagner Letter- Has the same texture and feel/flow as the Wagner brush, but the thin/thick lines are not as pronounced.
-(1) SA Shady AF- Has the thin/thick strokes, but also has a shadow!
-(1) SA Fuzzy Shadow- Thin/thick variation and has a blurry shadow to it.
-(1) SA Chalk Talk- Your basic chalk brush with thin/thick variation.
-(1) SA Chalk Talk 2- A Chalk brush but with a slightly different texture.
-(1) SA Chalk Talk Shadow- The Chalk Talk brush but with a shadow effect.
-(1) SA Lettering Guidelines Brush- A simple lettering guideline texture-brush to get your lettering nice and straight! This is an actual brush that you can use anywhere on your canvases. Perfect for beginners! Keep coloring to make this Guideline darker!
-(1) SA Guideline light- Another simple guideline brush, but with a light opacity. Just click the middle of the screen with this brush to get the guideline to show.


-iPad Pro or iPad Pro 2
-Apple Pencil
-Procreate App (knowledge of how to use the Procreate App is recommended)
-Zip file program- I downloaded and used ZIP TOOL. It’s free in the Apple App Store.



-After purchase you will be emailed with the files. Purchased Files can also be found in your Etsy PURCHASE AND REVIEW link. Download these files to your iPad or computer and extract the brush files using a zip file software, I personally use ZIP TOOL, but there are many free options in the App Store. Open the brush files in the Procreate App. Brushes will appear in your "Imported" brushes tab once you’ve opened them in Procreate. You can make a new folder and put these brushes in the new folder for easier access.


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR THE PROCREATE APP! You will NOT be getting physical brushes! Sharing, receiving and distributing these files is prohibited and considered stealing. If you see someone giving these brushes away or selling them outside of Etsy please report it. Thank you!

QUESTIONS: If you have any question before or after purchase, please ask!

© All designs, typography, illustrations, patterns and brushes are copyrighted by Alison Wagner.
Printable downloads or Procreate Brushes cannot be used for commercial reproduction or resale without written permission and licensing from me.

Thank you!
Alison Wagner

INSTAGRAM- https://instagram.com/simplyalisonwagner
YOUTUBE- https://www.youtube.com/simplyalisonwagner
File Type: BRUSH
File Size: 2.81
DPI: 300
Compatible with: Procreate