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**When you’re done with work,**

Or when you have a day off, maybe it’s time for you to wind down for a bit. Ever think of picking up a hobby? You could be hiking up a mountain range with your friends, or you can relax, take your home-brewed coffee and read a book.

Whatever your hobby is, we have the perfect icons for you! We have 104 stylishly dazzling hobby icons for you to use! These icons are available for you to use any way you want! If you’re looking to make a killer new app, a magical new web design, or you’re doing a presentation, these icons are sure to help you!

**Look through and you'll find these icons:**

Astronomy, People Watching, Cloud Watching, Geocaching, Birdwatching, Photography, Stargazing, Herping, Reading, Foreign Language Learning, Gymnastic, Surfing, Trekking, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving, River Rafting, Skiing, Ice Skating, Racing, Hunting, Paintball, Woodworking, Metalworking, Watchmaking, Model Crafting, Landscape Gardening, Organic Farming, Recycling, Composting, Hydroponic Gardening, Recycled Art, Animal Care, Interior Decorating, Genealogy, Sculpting, Dancing, Graffiti Art, Cooking, Baking, Home Brewing, Painting, Creative Writing, Scrapbooking, Karaoke, Guitar, Video Blogging, Blogging, Jewelry Making, Sewing, Knitting, Flower Arranging, Cosplay, Internet Browsing, Video Gaming, Social Networking, Creating Software, Computer Games, Keeping Virtual Pets, Building Robots, Swimming, Kart Racing, Camping, Boating, Fishing, Archery, Traveling, Kayaking, Golfing, Skateboarding, Ping Pong, Bowling, Watching Movies, Watching Anime, Tarot Card Reading, Online Gambling, Playing Cards, Board Games, Jigsaw Puzzles, Cubing, Billiards, Pottery, Coins Collector, Baseball Cards Collector, Action Figure Collector, Comic Books Collector, Autographs Collector, Stamps Collector, Banknotes Collector, Watch Collector, Jewellery Collector, Fitness Counselling, Running, Meditation, Yoga, Body Building, Jumping Rope, Martial Arts, Food Critic, Wine Testing, Shopping, Thrifting, Investment, Tattoo, Magic.



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**Why Buy From Us?**

- **We work fast and we’re friendly!** Just drop by our comments section and say hi! We’ll get you what you need!
- **We believe that experience is the best teacher.** Our experienced designers are sure to have made something you’ll love! We understand you, and we understand the little nuances that come by these designs!
- **Structure.** We are tired of these files scattered everywhere and creating a mess. It’s necessary for us to keep a tidy folder and that’s what we present to you! All our icon sets are delivered with subfolders, each representing a different format for your ease of access.


**Real Customer Reviews** ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

*“These are top notch icons, the files were also set up perfectly! If I could, I would have custom icons created by them!”* - AustinTBiggs

*“The icons are really well made, It ships with 5 different file formats which makes it really easy to use it for websites and or creating brochures and flyers”* - sebastianobellinzis

*“Amazing icons, my sites became shiny after adding them to my homepage.”* - A-works


These awfully stylish hobby icons are ready to help you communicate information the way you want. Since you will also receive several vector files, they are easily scalable to anything that you might need. All of these designs can be stretched as necessary! Also, you’ll be happy to know that these files are fully customizable!


**If you enjoyed this icon set, leave a like! And if these icons are not what you are looking for, you can let us know how we can improve to serve you better. Or if you have a request on certain types of icons or designs, please do let us know in the comments!**


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