Hand Job

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Hand Job is a small and cute Christmas project for friends, partner and clients. It is a **set of postcards** with my left hand of various positions, perspectives and proportions on them. It is a Christmas tree!
Cards go in a small transparent bag with a **set of sticky balls** of different sizes and colors. These are decorations for the Christmas ha... tree, of course.
**Beier Third** is a custom typeface I designed specially for this case. It's definitely a rock star, and supports a lot weird and anthropological shapes of my strained hand.

**What's in the pack:**
- Designed postcards as on photos AI, EPS
- Black-and-white edited photos of high resolution JPG
- Colorful ready-to-print-out stickers AI, EPS
- Beier Third (basic: Latin, Numerals, Symbols & Punctuation) OTF, TTF, AI, EPS

By buying Hand Job and Beier Third here, you have freedom to use it wherever you want, except for selling as it is. If you have any questions or want collaborate, just contact me at [email protected]

**Instagram: @nastiapiven**
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