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**Pattern Brushes**

Pattern brushes in Illustrator (**https://crmrkt.com/bMjMAz**) was always one of my favorite tools, and when a similar feature was added to **Procreate app**, I was so delighted! The experiments began immediately, and as a result, you can see this joyful set of over 160 pattern floral brushes spreading the stream of leaves and flowers from under your Apple Pencil!

They work great for drawing lines, closed shapes and all kinds of creative stuff: one of my favorite techniques is creating a clipping mask above the text layer and filling it with tons of leaves and flowers. Just check the cover artwork for a hint!

**Stamp Brushes**

Sometimes all you need is an elegant finishing touch, and stamp brushes will do the job perfectly. Or do the opposite thing — fill the whole canvas with colorful cliparts! Apply them right where you need and make your artworks expressive and wild.
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**Package Features**
- 103 Pattern brushes
- 57 Stamp brushes
- Procreate **.brushset** format

Music in the video by **Nordgroove** from **Fugue**: https://icons8.com/music/author/nordgroove
Licenses Offered: Standard
File Type: BRUSH
File Size: 45.9