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Inspired by loose cut paper shapes, **KutOut** is a font that says energetic and creative fun. This font works great for branding, identities, posters, banners, t-shirts, party invites – anywhere you want to communicate a hip and casual design style.

This font comes in six variations: an upper & lowercase **Regular** version, an **All Caps** version, and a **Small Caps** version. Each of these three versions comes in two styles: **Hard** with sharp corners and **Soft** with rounded corners.


* KutOut Regular - Hard (OTF, WOFF)
* KutOut Regular - Soft (OTF, WOFF)
* KutOut All Caps - Hard (OTF, WOFF)
* KutOut All Caps - Soft (OTF, WOFF)
* KutOut Small Caps - Hard (OTF, WOFF)
* KutOut Small Caps - Soft (OTF, WOFF)


* Both OpenType (OTF) and Web Open Font Formats (WOFF)
* Six styles: **Regular Hard, Regular Soft, All Caps Hard, All Caps Soft, Small Caps Hard, Small Caps Soft**
* Full A-Z character set
* Numbers & punctuation
* Accented characters
* Symbols

Please drop me a note at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks!

**- Dave**
Licenses Offered: Standard
File Type: WOFF, OTF
File Size: 218.86
Web Font: Yes