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Fresh from the mint! A massive collection of cut-out photos of a variety of the most important cryptocurrencies of today, delivered in 3 perspectives and 7 different color versions. PNG files provide the coins on transparent background for quick use in any image editing application. The additional PSD files were designed to customize the coins for your own individual needs using **Adobe Photoshop CC**. The reflecting surface of the coin, for example, can be edited separately from the face of the coin. The light sources can be moved to simulate different environments.

**This bundle includes 10 of the most important cryptocurrencies of today**
- **Bitcoin** (BTC) →
- **Etherium** (ETH) →
- **Litecoin** (LTC) →
- **XRP** →
- **Tether** (USDT) →
- **IOTA** (MIOTA) →
- **NEO** →
- **EOS** →
- **Cardano** (ADA) →
- **Zcash** (ZEC) →


- **210 PNG files with a transparent background** for quick and easy use in any image editing app
- **30 highly customizable layered PSD files made for Adobe Photoshop CC**
- 3 perspectives, each delivered in 7 different colors: Gold, Red Gold, Yellow Gold, High-Contrast Gold (providing better readability), Silver, Old Silver, Copper
- The lighting of the coins can be changed in Photoshop
- You can insert your own photos into the reflecting surface area
- Coin diameter of Ø 1200px @300dpi
- Includes bonus material like flares or light and shadow elements and a clean modern background
- Based on real photographic material (this are not 3D renderings)

You can take a closer look at the layer structure of the PSD files by downloading this low-resolution example:


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File Type: PNG, PSD, PDF, JPG
File Size: 2.5
Dimensions: 1200 x 1200
DPI: 300
Layered: Yes
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Other