Habu Instagram Lightroom Presets

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NEW!!! Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets

This set includes:

▫️ 2 Presets for Lightroom & Photoshop (.xmp file)

▫️ 2 Presets for Mobile Lightroom (.dng file)

As a bonus you will receive our "Basic Tool Kit" with 64 Tool XMP-Presets to help you correct your white balance, contrast, saturation, noise, sharpness, brightness, etc.

They are for issues that were not fixable in camera. These can be stacked on top of your presets as a finisher to help achieve the perfect edit.

This product come with installation instructions.

Please note:

All results work differently with each photo. This will be based on the colors, tones, lighting, etc., of the original photo.

After applying the presets, make sure to play around with your: Exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, whites

If you are looking to make your skin tanner/less tan, play around with the luminance of orange in the color section
File Type: XMP, DNG
File Size: 2.99
Compatible with: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop