Procreate Character Drawing Toolkit

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**Draw characters in half the time… Improve your drawing skills AND have fun doing it!**

**Introducing The Character Drawing Toolkit! A fun and innovative drawing aid for Procreate.**

**No more "blank canvas" anxiety!** Packed with 88 Procreate brushes thoughtfully created to help jump start your drawing process.

Choose from the many shapes, heads, eyes, ears and noses as a guide, add a new layer and start drawing! It's really that simple!

Plus you'll receive **The Super Duper Resource Guide** loaded with my drawing tips, advice and prompts - an extra **bonus resource** to help demystify the process of character drawing.

Not all creatives have Procreate which is why the brushes are available in various formats including PDF printouts if you prefer pencil and paper.

**Here’s what customers are saying:**

*“The brushes are intuitive, but coupled with your guide it was so easy to get started. I made my first character in 10 minutes!” – Char-Lynn Griffiths*

*“I think these brushes are great for all skill levels. My daughter, who is 10, had some fun with the brushes too. I definitely recommend this pack. It gets the creative juices flowing!” – Lynda Metcalf*

Let these drawing aids help make the drawing process easier and less intimidating. And if you're more advanced they'll inspire you to stretch your creativity and at the very least, save you time.
**This kit includes 5 brushes sets ready for quick character creations:**

- 11 x Head shape brushes including human & various animals
- 32 x Ear brushes including human & various animals
- 16 x Eye brushes
- 12 x Nose brushes including human & various animals
- 17 x Dynamic and Organic shape brushes

**Included in zip file:**

- 88 x Procreate Brushes in 5 brush sets
- 5 x Adobe Illustrator CS3 – CC vector files
- 88 x Adobe Photoshop Brushes in 5 .ABR brush sets
- 88 x .PNG files of each shape on transparent background
- .PDF printable files
- The Super Duper Resource Guide

**Growing list of Mini tutorials:**
Let's be Insta-buddies! Use **#letsdrawlisaglanz** I'd love to see what you create!
**How to install a Procreate brushset:**
- You’ll need Procreate version 4.1 or higher to install .brushset files.
- Contents need to be unzipped, you’ll need a desktop computer to do this.
- Transfer files:
**Mac users (macOS 10.11 or higher):** Use Airdrop to transfer the .brushset to your iPad.
**Windows users:** Use a file sharing service (like Dropbox) to transfer the .brushset file. Open the Files app on your iPad, navigate to where you’ve saved the file. Tap on the .brushset file then click the small [...] icon and click Export. Click Open In... and tap Copy to Procreate.
- Open Procreate. The brushes will automatically be imported into Procreate on their own in the relevant labelled brush sets.
- Repeat the process for each brush set file.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the import function in Procreate found in the brushes panel – this is for individual brushes only and will not work for .brushset files.

**Here’s how to install a Brush set on Procreate Pocket:**

- Save the Brush Set on a cloud service, such as iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
- Open Files app on your iPhone and navigate to the Brush Set.
- Tap the .brushset file to open it in Procreate Pocket. The brushes will now appear in your Procreate brush library.
- Repeat the process for each brush set file.

Happy character creating!
File Size: 26.97
Vector: Yes
DPI: 300
Compatible with: Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Other