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We are happy to introduce our **NEW Modern Home & Studio Mockup Scene Creator**, a massive collection of 276 isolated objects, including decor objects, stationery, plants, kitchen, office props. Create custom flat lay photography and mood boards with a modern trending look! Enjoy amazing premade scene templates. Use the advanced features for endless possibilities.

- 276 isolated objects - *layered PSD, PNG (transparent background, with and without shadows), JPG*
- 47 stationery mockup items - *papers and envelopes in multiple sizes, smart objects included*
- 12 background textures
- 12 shadow overlay effects
- 8 premade scenes
- 4 paper textures for card and envelope mockups


- High resolution photos, perfect for both digital and print - *taken with a professional DSLR camera and studio equipment*
- Background textures in 6000x4000px at 300dpi - *marble, fabric, stone and wood textures, all photographed from the real materials*
- Isolated items - *drag and drop objects to the scene, scale, rotate and customize them as you want*
- Fully editable shadows - *easily adjust the angle, opacity, color and general look of shadows (all separated from objects)*
- Color change - *customize the color of metals and of some non metallic objects with a simple click and drag gesture*
- Smart objects - *double click the smart object layer, place your design and hit save! it's as simple as that to make your design perfectly fit papers, envelopes, clipboards, journals and mugs*
- Paper textures with color customization - *use the smart object layer to apply a subtle texture to your paper or envelope mockup, then customize its color as you need*
- Transparent objects - *all transparent materials can have their opacity level adjusted for a realistic look*
- User Guide - *detailed user guide to help you use each feature and create amazing custom scenes*


- Office and Arts
- Food and Kitchen
- Decor and Miscellaneous
- Crafts
- Plants


All paper sizes come in both vertical and horizontal formats, with smart objects included. All envelopes come with the top flap both open and closed.


- 2"x3.5" (50x89mm)
- 3.5”x5” (89x127mm)
- 5”x5” (127x127mm)
- 5”x7” (127x178mm)
- 4”x9” (101x228mm)
- 8.5”x11” (215x279mm)
- A2 (420x594mm)
- A3 (297x420mm)
- A4 (210x297 mm)
- A5 (148x210 mm)
- A6 (105x148 mm)
- A7 (74x105 mm)


*Baronial style*

- 2 (3.18”x4.25” / 81x108mm)
- 4 (3.625”x4.625” / 92x102mm)
- 5 (4.125”x5.5” / 105x140mm)
- 5 1/2 (4.375”x5.75” / 111x146mm)
- 6 (4.75”x6.5” / 121x165mm)
- 7 (5.25”7.25 / 133x184mm)
- 8 (5.5”x8.125” / 140x206mm)

*Announcement style*

- A1 (3.625”x5.125” / 92x130mm)
- A2 (4.375”x5.75” / 111x146mm)
- A6 (4.75”x6.5” / 121x165mm)
- A7 (5.25”x7.25” / 133x184mm)
- A8 (5.5”x8.125” / 140x206mm)


- .PSD: use on Adobe Photoshop
- .PNG and .JPG: use on many softwares and platforms that support these file formats, such as Canva, Procreate, Affinity Photo, etc

*NOTE: advanced features such as color change, smart objects and editable shadows are Photoshop only.*

*This product exceeds the file size limit allowed on Creative Market, which is why you'll receive a PDF with a Dropbox download link after purchase.*

Still have questions? Feel free to send us a private message! :)
File Type: PDF
DPI: 300
Layered: Yes
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
File Size: 1.56 MB