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Abigail is a unique and very elegant font for brand and logo design.

Based on our experience as a graphic designer who works for a lot of companies, we often are requested to design a logo in a unique style but with an elegant shape. So, we try to brainstorming and create this font to make the idea is going out. This is perfect for BRANDING and LOGO DESIGN. You will get classy, elegant, and certainly unique logos with this font.

**To make it look more unique, here we prepared some ligatures:**

ab ah am an ar ak ap at oo cb ch ck cm cn cr ct eb eh ek em en ep er ub uh uk um un up ur st tb th tk tm tn tp tr tu ty fl fi ff ft oo cra ee ga gi it

**Abigail is also included full set of:**

- uppercase and lowercase letters
- multilingual symbols
- numerals
- punctuation

**What will you get?**

- abigail.otf
- abigail.ttf
- abigail.woff

Wish you enjoy our font and if you have a question, don't hesitate to drop message & I'm happy to help :)
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