NOCTURNA Hidden Secrets Collection

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**My first amazing collection in 2020! Only one week discount -30%. $20/$25/$139, in a week the price will change $29/$35/$199.**
**NOCTURNA is a bewitching collection inspired by warm moonlight, gold of twinkling stars and black flesh of space, hiding the most mysterious secrets.**

*An wonderful story invites you to travel through your consciousness, contributes to spiritual and personal searches, awareness of your mind and body. This is an enchanted trip on the waves of magic, over which a team of creative like-minded people worked to reveal something perfect.*

A magical story is rooted deep in my childhood. To my first acquaintance with my spiritual beginning, astrology, mythology, esotericism and subtle magic of simple things that surround our life. This is not just a collection of esoteric elements. The combination of zodiac signs, magic talismans with historical symbols, modern tarot cards, animals and mystical symbols keep the Wisdom of Mankind.
**530+ ELEMENTS** of line art graphics are included for you to awaken your magic and simplify the process of working on your projects. The high quality of the illustrations allows you to apply them as widely as your imagination suffices.

**These magical treasures will decorate any project, whatever you conceive and will be relevant at all times!**


- 60 Monochrome Symbols ~250-4000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 60 Gold Foil Symbols ~250-4000px, png, 300dpi
- 22 Tarot Gold Foil Cards ~1241-1750px, jpg+eps, 300dpi
- 22 Tarot Monochrome Cards ~1241-1750px, jpg+eps, 300dpi
- 12 Monochrome Zodiac Signs ~1000-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 12 Gold Foil Zodiac Signs ~1000-3000px, png, 300dpi
- 12 Line Zodiac Signs ~1000-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 12 Monochrome Zodiac Signs Cards 1240-1748px, jpg+eps, 300dpi
- 12 Gold Foil Zodiac Signs Cards 1240-1748px, jpg, 300dpi
- 10 Magic Hands ~1100-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Magic Talisman Gold Foil ~1200-3800px, png, 300dpi
- 10 Magic Talisman Monochrome ~1200-3800px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Esoteric Talisman Gold Foil ~1700-4000px, png, 300dpi
- 10 Esoteric Talisman Monochrome ~1700-4000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Gold Foil Talisman Cards 1240-1748px, jpg+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Monochrome Crystals ~860-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Gold Foil Crystals ~860-3000px, png, 300dpi
- 10 Line Crystals ~860-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 25 Gold Foil Floral Elements ~400-2000px,png, 300dpi
- 25 Monochrome Floral Elements ~400-2000px,png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Monochrome Floral Wreaths ~1300-2000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Gold Foil Floral Wreaths ~1300-2000px, png, 300dpi
- 10 Floral Compositions ~800-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Monochrome Animals ~1400-3000px, png+eps, 300dpi
- 10 Gold Foil Animals ~1400-3000px, png, 300dpi

About License Info:

You cannot re-sell the graphics, copy or transfer them to anyone else. You cannot make new clip art, digital graphics or digital graphic resources for sale using our designs.

*A professional photographer and video maker @soulfulcook participated in the creation of the collection. All previews are made according to individual wishes special for the Nocturna.*

*I will be glad to see how you use your works. Do not forget to tag me, if you accidentally post photos of your works on Instagram, I @soft_muse. Feel free to also drop me a line with any questions you may have before leaving a review on Creative Market.*

**I hope you love this collection as much as me loved making it.**

*Best Wishes, Lana Markina ♥*

**© Soft Muse Art**
File Type: PNG, EPS, JPG, PDF
File Size: 2.05
Vector: Yes
Dimensions: 1000 x 4500
DPI: 300