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You will get: 5 Sri Lanka Premium Presets - for Lightroom mobile & Lightroom desktop!
(4 main preset styles + 1 extra)

You are looking to create inspiring content from your travels to Sri Lanka or other tropical countries and areas around the world? This premium Lightroom preset collection is the right one for you! Inspired by more than 6 weeks of Vanlife travels through Sri Lanka it will give your pictures the tropical vibe they need.

This Lightroom Preset Pack includes 5 different styles:
01_SriLanka_Basic: This one fits almost every situation in tropical countries. It creates the perfect tropical vibes for your photos. If you want to give your travel a bit of a different touch, then use the white balance slider at this preset. You will immediately seehow the mood of the picture will change.

02_a-SriLanka_Water blue: This preset is made for water shots. Especially when using a water housing, this preset will give you amazing results: Clear blue ocean shots.

02_b-SriLanka_Water green: Just a little bit different from the 02_a-SriLanka_Water blue preset. This preset will shift the color of the water more towards green. Give it a try and find out which one fits best for your individual picture.

03_SriLanka_Black White: Creates a deep tropical black and white vibe on your pictures.

04_SriLanka_TropicalSunset: When the sky is on fire, this preset is your to go. Pushes the crazy tropical sunset pictures to a new level. If your missing on color, while using, shift the white balance.

All presets are compatible with LR Mobile and Lightroom Desktop.

Whether you are a blogger, Instagram influencer or a traveling explorer, this extraordinary preset will suit you well. It is made for a wide range of pictures, whilst focussing on the tropical areas, but also suits all other kinds of location and style. Express your feelings through the perfect photo edit and let the emotion be carried to your followers and friends.

Tips and Tricks:

If you feel like the picture does not look right after activating the preset, most of the time some adjustment in the exposure and /or White Balance slider can help regulating. In case you use a wide angle lens, like e.g. a 16mm with a vignette, don't forget to check “enable profile correction” in Lightroom to get rid of the vignette.

Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions or issues

There are no refunds/exchanges on any digital items.

Digitaler Download (1 ZIP)
5 .dng files for Lightroom Mobile*
5 .xmp for Lightroom Desktop CC 2020 ( easy import directly in Lightroom)
2 .txt with installation guidelines

*for performance reasons the .dng files are strongly compressed

no more old .lrtemplate included if you have want to use the presets in an older Lightroom version please contact me.
File Type: DNG, ZIP
File Size: 10.34
Compatible with: Other, Adobe Lightroom