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Drawing on paper with actual pencils or liners can hardly be replaced by its digital equivalents. You feel the lines and drawing means better, plus the tactile component of the process is a special enjoyment. But you can be sure about this set of Procreate Brushes, imitating the physical drawing materials and tools!

Show everyone what a talented artista you are! We've managed to make this set very special, full of **61 brushes**, different from each other, and nothing superfluous. It will ensure the full freedom of art: you can create illustrations in any chosen style! There are **spray**, **stroke**, **pencil**, **sketch** and **texture brushes** to use, so you can make yourself some chunky pigeons in 5 different styles as we did! Polish your work with **10 grunge textures** applied.

There's no need to search for the other brush pack, you better put the time to good use with Artista Procreate Brushes to design your own incredible compositions and illustrations. Don't forget to share your masterpieces on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

**What's inside?**
- 24 texture brushes;
- 10 spray brushes;
- 10 hatch brushes;
- 10 sketch brushes;
- 7 pencil brushes;
- 10 grunge textures;
- help file.
File Type: PNG, BRUSH, PDF
File Size: 42.3
Compatible with: Procreate