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Introducing Paper Cut, a super fun and colorful font made from real cut paper shapes and handmade textures. This font gives a beautiful handmade feel to a wide range of products, from branding to web design, social media to packaging! The geometric shapes make it especially perfect for kids projects and brands (or those who are just young at heart ❤️)

- *Paper Cut* Color Font
- *Paper Cut - Alternates,* with different colors and shapes for the letters, to give your text variety and plenty of options!
- *Paper Cut - One Color* , which can be customized to suit your project's colors.
- *Paper Cut - One Color Alternates*

All fonts include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and standard punctuation.

*Bonus: The paper illustrations used in the preview images are included as a PSD file and PNG files!*

The font preview here on Creative Market won't show a color font, but check out the Character Map (Last preview image) to see all the characters and check out their unique colors, shapes, and textures!

**This is a Bitmap Color Font, which is not compatible with all software. InDesign CC 2019+, Illustrator CC 2018+ and Photoshop CC 2017+ are Adobe’s only apps that officially support & display color fonts. Mac apps like Pages, Keynote, and TextEdit also support color fonts. This font is NOT compatible with Microsoft apps.**

To use your own color with this font, use the one-color gray version in Photoshop. Then, choose Layer Layer Style Color Overlay and choose the color you would like! Set the blending mode to "Color" so you can still see the texture underneath.

If you like some of the paper cut patterns that have been used in these previews, check them out here!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback! Happy creating!
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