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Gaining followers is as easy as posting regularly with quality content. But the quality content needs to match the rest of your feed - that is why these are fully editable.
This template bundle was created by a design professional who understands social media logistics. It is true that the old algorithm uses engagement as a means of determining if your content should be sent into other feeds and the Discover page. That is why this bundle includes engagement boosters. So, let’s get started by making posting easy for you with the templates in this bundle.


This bundle includes 27 customizable square post templates, 28 customizable story templates,8 background patterns, 21 sticker editable elements, plus bonus graphics and ready to post quotes and games which are designed to increase engagement.
Easily edit the fonts, colors, graphics, layouts and more. Pieces can be resized, rotated and moved. Duplicate or delete individual elements as you please.
Templates are pre-sized to work perfectly with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and also work great on most blogging platforms. You can download your edited file from the Canva app in a variety of formats for free.
Some Canva template sellers use the free account and expect customers to copy the template, which inevitably ends up with someone changing the templates before you get there. Not these… This bundle is saved as templates, so you know that other users have not messed them up before you have even started.

No software is required: This bundle is designed for use with Canva, the free online image editing software.

If you have any questions, or special requests, please ask. ♥ Nancy Ingersoll
DPI: 300
Compatible with: Other
Layered: Yes
File Type: JPG, SVG, PNG, PDF
File Size: 6.45
Vector: Yes
Dimensions: 1080 x 1920