Realistic Procreate Watercolor Kit

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Procreate Watercolor illustration and painting has never been so easy and so realistic! Watercolor studio is a Procreate file with organized layers. It is designed in such a way that your Procreate illustrations look like real watercolour.

You don’t need to customize anything, everything is already done. Just open the file in your Procreate app and start painting. You don’t need hundreds of brushes. Only 6 brushes will help you to make realistic watercolor illustrations and paintings in Watercolor Studio.

Do you already have favorite watercolor brushes? Try them in Watercolor studio and see how they get additional watercolor texture.

- 1 layered Procreate file - 4800x3600px, 300 DPI (the file ending in *.procreate*)
- 7 watercolor Procreate brushes (the file ending in *.brushset*)
- 5 premade color palettes (the files ending in *.swatches*)
- 1 "How to use"JPEG image


Paint in "Watercolor Studio" file on a Painting Layer and add more layers if you need, just keep "Paper and Effects" Layer above.

- Green leaves brunch:
- Dried palm spear:
- Red eucalyptus
- Yellow banksia

*For those, who are new in procreate watercolor I added a folder with tutorials links and sketches from these tutorials. Just import sketch into your watercolor studio and concentrate on brushes, following the steps from the tutorials.*


Make sure your iOS is updated and you have the latest version of Procreate App (Procreate 5). It's very important, because some of the brushes were made with the technology available in Procreate 5 and higher.

Follow the installation guide on the link: . Installation of each file is absolutely the same as brush installation.
- 170 Shapes & Grains for Procreate Brush Makers
- 10 Lettering Brushes for Procreate

For any questions: [email protected]

Tag me on your artworks, I am soooo glad to see your results.
My insta handle: @katsia.jazwinska
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