Wiley Decorative Latin & Greek Font

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**Wiley is a ligature-rich, decorative typeface with support for Latin and Greek.** It has over 500 glyphs which include:
- the complete Latin alphabet (with all accent marks),
- the complete Modern Greek alphabet,
- 80 standard and discretionary ligatures in both Latin and Greek,
- numerals, ordinals, and fractions,
- decorative ornaments and finials,
- extensive punctuation and diacritical markings.

**The ligatures are the fun part.**

To get the most out of Wiley, it is best to use software that supports Open Type fonts (Adobe programs, Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, etc). This typeface has *tons* of built-in OpenType ligatures and alternates, which are what make it so customizable and decorative. You can always access the ligatures, alternates, and dingbats through your software's glyphs panel. In Adobe programs, you can control which ligature and style sets are turned on in the OpenType palette. For a complete preview of all the ligatures, please look at the 4th image in this product listing.

**Download includes:**
- .OTF file
- .TTF file
- Web font files (.WOFF and .WOFF2)
- Folder of letter exemplar and inspiration images

**More resources...**

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