Crayons & Oil Pastels for Procreate

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**25 Crayons and Oil Pastels for Procreate is a awesome collection of the brushes with rich textures!**


**Inspired by retro & vintage illustrations** of my favourite **children books**, I made this collection of the brushes to help you **recreate beautiful retro look of these illustrations.**

With these 25 brushes, **you will get wide range of tools with various look - from oily pastels to half-dry crayons.**

**The brushes are great for every purpouse!** With smaller size of a brush tip, you can make **quick sketches** as if you draw with a pencil . With bigger one, there are various options. You can use brush as **paint brush** to cover bigger space or use them as **shaders**. Furthermore, they look incredible if they are used as **lettering brushes!**

**The key is the wonderful pressure sensitivity of the brushes!**

*25 Crayons and Oil Pastels are **stunning collection of brushes for hobby or professional illustrators**. With a pleasant look of their textures, they are highly suitable for children book illustrations!*

**What you will get:**
- **25 brushes** for Procerate in one file
- **Customer support**

**Get them all today for 15$** (commercial license included)


*Technical requirements:*

- Ipad with stylus
- Procreate 5 (the latest version of Procreate)
File Type: BRUSH
File Size: 55.41
DPI: 300
Compatible with: Procreate