POSTCARDS from the subconscious

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Sometimes it’s just about experimental art and sharing special moments with you.

This collection wanted to appear and to be told, so here I was just playing a role of energy conductor. And the hands. Here we go.

Monochrome palette so nothing can distract you, deep-deep places in our mind, indefinable visions from meditative realm, lifetime scripts... and if you will lost a sensation of gravity for a moment, my work here will be done (:

**"Postcards from the subconscious" ☾ includes 180+ graphics:**
- 52 Art prints (.jpeg, 300 DPI, 3600x4800 px)
- 56 Compositions & elements (.png, 300 DPI, ~2500x2500px)
- Embellished alphabet: uppercase letters, ampersand, numbers designs
- Black alphabet: uppercase letters, ampersand, numbers designs
**Please be noted:** these alphabets are not fonts, each symbol is .png, 300 DPI, ~2400x2500px

*Details:* almost all elements have their own transparency, but you can experiment with blend mode (Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, etc.), too.
**Postcards from the subconscious** mysterious spiritual collection in black & white palette offers you a variety of contemporary and modern art prints + some elements, such as Moon phases, abstract splashes, fallen / flying poses, tree of life, etc. All of these are perfect for your wall art, prints, cards, mystic logo and brand, yoga, spriritual and esoteric projects, minimalist posters, cosmic themed wall art, Lunar calendars, gifts, invitations, fine art, esoterica, astrological and astronomical projects, zodiac, modern and cosmic themed wedding suite and stationery, branding identity, invitations, surface patterns, scrapbooking, gift wrapping paper, textile design, cosmetic, advertising, social media accounts promotion (Instagram, Pinterest), Etsy, packaging design, cases, logos, quotes, blogs, web, banners and for many, many more.

**Information about licenses:**
For my behind-the-scenes:
& tag me (@lana_elanor) to show your works (:
Have a nice day! Have a nice life.
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