RENIN - Edgy Slab Serif Display Font

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Reminiscing the old era of the aesthetic visual poster back in the 90s when the culture of graphic design is started to emerging into futuristic vision. The music and fashion industry back in the day was so strong in their visual presence. Brave composition to break the rules of technical graphic design and visual art is always the best weapon to save the seat in the industry. Everybody wants to be different, everybody wants the spotlight.

Somebody said the wheel of trend is always spinning. And now is the moment of truth when all of that history repeated. To celebrate the vibes, we came for you at the perfect time, perfect moment, with the **RENIN**.

An artistic and edgy display slab-serif font to break every rule and show your edgy aesthetic sides in the visual project.

Perfectly fit for a music project, logo, branding, poster, vaporwave concept art, aesthetic concept, album artwork, retro event, push yourself to the edge of the industry with this retro-futuristic font and get ready to be different from others, all eyes on you guaranteed.

It contains OTF and TTF font files and English Language Support. As long as your design covers English language characters, you're ready to go.
File Type: TTF, OTF
File Size: 18.43
Vector: Yes
Web Font: Yes