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**SOLEIL Lead Marketing Bundle | Canva & PS**

Presenting Lead magnet and Social Media Pack to Promote your E-Course, Live talk, E-Book, Workbook pack, Webinar and Online Course. This pack will be perfect to monetize your course, and lead the traffic to your course, class, and profile.

Costumize your own need by changing the photos, texts, colors, mockup as all of them are editable and flexibly match for marketing used.

**ALL IN ONE: Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Ads for Instagram, Ads for Facebook, Facebook Post, and Pinterest Post**

*The only one lead magnet that have Animated Feature for Photoshop!*

**Paired Templates**

- **PS & CANVA Workbook Paired Templates: https://crmrkt.com/jXP9K6** *(Matching)*
- **PS & CANVA Ebook Template Creator : https://crmrkt.com/wa91vM** *(Matching)*
- **PUZZLE Lead Magnet Marketing Soleil https://bit.ly/35oCSmc** *(Matching)*


- The fonts are **free for Personal & Commercial use**
- Wonderful and sophisticated design
- Organized and fully layered files
- User-friendly drag and drop interface
- Easily change image using smart object
- **Color editable**
- So **easy to use** with a basic skill of Photoshop or CANVA (Availabe in 2 Options)
- **Tutorial Guidelines and font link are included**
- Animated Feature for Photoshop!
- 24 horizontal blog post opt-in buttons / Facebook posts (1080px x 565px)
- 24 sidebar opt-in buttons / Instagram stories (1080px x 1920px)
- 24 Pinterest marketing graphics (1200 x1800px)
- 24 square Instagram / Facebook posts (1080px x 1080px)

**INCLUDE in the ZIP (PS & Canva Files) **
- total 96 Individual Design PSD & 96 for Canva
- 24 Animated Instagram story PSD files (1080x1920 px)
- 24 Animated Instagram post PSD files (1200x1200 px)
- 24 Instagram story PSD files (1080x1920 px)
- 24 Instagram post PSD files (1200x1200 px)
- 24 **Facebook post** PSD files (1200x627 px)
- 24 **Pinterest post** PSD files (1200x1800 px)
- 24 **CANVA Instagram story**
- 24 **CANVA Instagram post**
- 24 **CANVA Facebook post**
- 24 **CANVA Pinterest post**
- 24 Samples of Animated Stories
- 24 Samples of Animated Posts
- 24 Samples of Static Instagram Stories
- 24 Samples of Static Instagram Posts
- 24 Samples of Static Facebook Posts
- 24 Samples of Static Pinterest Posts
- The font link
- Guideline and tutorial file

*Photos are not included*
**Both animated stories and static stories files are available**
Editable with:

- Adobe Photoshop
- Canva

- Make sure you already have a Canva account. https://www.canva.com. **IT'S FREE!** This template works for both free and pro Canva user
- Download the PDF, and open the link that direct you to the template
- Place your image and text
- After all is set, save the template as JPG


- Install the font that are used in the template
- After downloading, open the file and place your image and text
- Save the files.



- Canva has updated the mobile version recently and **the link might not directly transferable to the app version**. So in order to use it in your mobile app, you have to open the link on the online (/pc) version and copy it to "Your Designs" folder first.

- DO NOT DIRECTLY EDIT ON THE ORIGINAL LINK because any change will affect the original files.The link is used by number of costumers so always make a copy.**ALWAYS MAKE A COPY OF THE DESIGN before using or editing it.**



If you don't confident enough with the photoshop skill that you have, don't worry! we give a tutorial inside in editing the templates. They're so easy to be edited and modified!
Photo Source: KIND OF LUXE, Owe, Massimo Dutti, DOMINO.COM

**Contact and Support**

If you have any questions regarding my products, please do not hesitate to write a message or contact me via email [email protected] or via messages here on CreativeMarket.

We'll be glad! Specially for the use of this item, we'll guide and help anything that we can do. We'll reply your message as soon as we can (at least within 6 hours due to time difference)
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