SUPERHERO Character builder guidline

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**SUPER HERO CHARACTER BUILDER** is an amazing brush pack inclouding guidelines and anatomical cartoon references to create an amazing drawing and to make character design much easy for you in procreate.

Superhero character guideline brush pack contains more than **60 brush** :
- 10 head shapes brush guides
- 10 chest brushes guidelines
- 9 stomach and abs brushes
- 6 legs brush guide
- 20 brushes arm shapes ( 10 each right and left )
- 6 hand brushes
- 10 accessories & objects

*SUPERHERO CHARACTER BUILDER for Procreate will help you create endless combinations and will facilitate your creative process.*

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I included also 2 swatches procreate palettes of colors carefully picked for a pleasing artwork.
and 3 High-quality paper texture in a procreate file.
**Ps**: these procreate brushes ONLY WITH IOS PROCREATE 5 APP!
**how to install**: The most effective method to INSTALL:

I hope you will like it guys
good luck with your projects
Compatible with: Procreate
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File Size: 31.64