Saltwater Shores Pattern Collection

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A brand new watercolor pattern design set created to compliment the original Saltwater Shores graphics kit. Get all of the patterns plus bonuses with the Saltwater Shores Patterns Complete Collection!

The new collection features a brand new tropical watercolor mermaid, botanical seahorse, colorful tropical flowers, sealife pineapple, fishes, starfish, and many more ocean-inspired details.

There are 10 original pattern designs provided in a total of 18 colorways. Create tropical-inspired stationery sets, envelope liners, and more with this tropical pattern collection.


- 10 pattern designs in 18 total colorways
- 1 PAT file of all patterns and colorways
- 1 Bonus Sealife Mermaid Graphic (in PNG format - 1709x2168 pixels, 300 dpi)
- 18 Bonus 12x12 Digital Papers of all patterns and colorways
- 18 Individual Pattern Tiles (saved out in both Large and Smaller scale tile versions)
- 1 Instruction Document PDF

- Included are also Transparent pattern tiles of select pattern designs in this set. Patterns with texture fades and blending were not included as transparent tiles, but are available as JPGs in this set. Ocean Tropical Florals - Simply has no textures and is included as a transparent tile, but the other versions of this pattern are not. Seaweed Under the Sea is not included as a transparent pattern tile but is included as a JPG. Pattern tiles are in JPG format and PNG format for the available transparent tiles.


Pattern tile sizes vary based on the design, but here are the dimensions for each:

- Botanical Ocean Leaves - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Botanical Seahorse - 2700x2700 pixels, 300 dpi
- Botanical Sealife Mermaid - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Deep Tropical Leaves - 800x600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Little Swimming Fishes - 800x600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Ocean Tropical Florals - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Sandy Tropical Stems - 1800x1800 pixels, 300 dpi
- Seaweed Under the Sea - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Tropical Island Trellis - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi
- Tropical Sealife Pineapple - 3600x3600 pixels, 300 dpi

All pattern tiles are also included at 50% size too for more versatility!

Happy Creating!
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Other
File Type: JPG, PNG, PDF, PAT
File Size: 489.66 MB
DPI: 300