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- CANVA | PS Bundle Pack available here https://bit.ly/2HBdY7R
- CANVA | PS Puzzle Bundle Pack available here https://bit.ly/2TAmR78

**This is the final Update of our BOLD Design**

**This Bundle 243 templates contain all of our Bold Template Design**


- https://bit.ly/2zMDMcY 1.000px x 1.000px **Insta Puzzle**
- https://bit.ly/2JH8avg 1.080px x 1.920px **Stories Bold**
- https://bit.ly/2MQMAaz 820px x 312px **FB Covers Bold**
- https://bit.ly/2zFIoBM 1.200px x 627px **FB Post Banners Bold**
- https://bit.ly/2HAYKQw 735px 1.102px **Pinterest Bold**


- https://bit.ly/2Fcqtp1 **Insta Puzzle**
- https://bit.ly/2QeD1CL **Stories Bold**


This is beautifull template, designed to save you a lots of time from working on individual Instagram posts, you can save a lot of time creating **27 Post** in a minute and Stunning your followers.

So many chat us asking is this Canva fully editable and changeable colors?? so we answer you, yes sure. all you can see is editable. Background, Lines, Stripes, Texts. This template is Super Easy, also you can resize it if you want it and changing the image Just drag and Drop.


- **1 txt Canva link (For 2 Link) 1 For Photoshop Folders - 1 For Canva Folders**
- **27 Preview For Yellow Bold**
- **27 Preview For Grey Bold**
- **27 Preview For Cream Bold**
- **1 File Puzzle Bold Photoshop Black**
- **1 File Puzzle Bold Photoshop White**
- **27 Preview Puzzle Bold Photoshop Black**
- **27 Preview Puzzle Bold Photoshop White**
- **1 Full Preview Photoshop Black**
- **1 Full Preview Photoshop White**
- **1 File Stories Bold Canva**
- **27 Preview Stories Bold Canva**
- **27 File Stories Bold Photoshop**
- **27 Preview Stories Bold Photoshop**
- **1 File Pinterest Bold Canva**
- **27 Preview Pinterest Bold Canva**
- **1 File Facebook Ad Bold Canva**
- **27 Preview Facebook Ad Bold Canva**
- **1 File Facebook Cover Bold Canva**
- **27 Preview Facebook Cover Bold Canva**
- **Vector shapes **

**How to Access Canva Files**
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- Extract the file. Inside will be a folder with images and a txt File with tutorials and Canva links.
- After Canva opened up in your browser, **Make a Copy** of the template.
- Name your copied template set so you can easily recognize that it's your copy.
- Start editing your copy as you wish.
- Please read the txt files for more detailed tutorial

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Compatible with: Other, Adobe Photoshop