Me and my dog script font

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**Me and my dog** is a cute handwritten **script font with ornaments and swashes**, perfect for any design that needs an adorable handmade feel.

This set includes:
- 1 script font in two styles: regular and slant, with ligatues for a smooth handwritten font.
- 1 ornaments font, with 72 cute handmade drawings (fruits, animals, sweets, plants, etc) in two styles: regular and blackout, for easy layering.
- 1 swashes font, with lots of swirls and underlines.
- 2 PDF guides for easy access to the ornaments and swashes.

Use this font family for signatures and logos, notes and quotes, social media posts, and branding and packaging.

Photos by:
- Madison Inouye ( )
- Elena Koycheva, Khai Sze Ong, Hoach Le Dinh, Jeremy Perkins, Chris Lee, Alexander Mils, Liana Mikah, Brooke Lark (Unsplash)
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