Affinity Halftone Brushes

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Affinity Halftone Raster Brushes from Pixel Moshpit is the essential halftone brush kit that has both clean and dirty/grungy halftones to really pump-up the distress or add that touch of vintage to any of your Affinity projects.

These are the most widely used halftone shapes that include dots, circles, diamonds, waves, lines and grids to name a few. From clean pressure sensitive dots to unruly distressed stamped style halftones this kit has you covered.


**Compatible with All Affinity Products (Affinity Designer, Photo & Publisher)**

**Halftones Included (100+ Brushes):**
- Dots/ Circles
- Lines (Straight and 22.5 degree)
- Waves
- Grids
- Crosses

**This kit comes with with lifetime updates**

Any questions or issues please contact us at: [email protected]
Compatible with: Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo
File Type: PNG
File Size: 6.05 MB