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**Requires Procreate version 5 or higher**

Now you can have the joy of drawing with Copic markers right on your iPad! This set of 28 brushes was designed to emulate alcohol-based markers in the way they blend, build up in opacity, their texture and plenty more thoughtful features. Your COPICat Marker Procreate drawings will look so realistic, people will be shocked to hear they were made digitally!

The set comes with a variety of the most popular marker nibs as well as delicious marker textures and useful tools. Textures for these brushes were sampled from authentic Copic markers and rigorous testing was performed comparing their behavior to working with real markers, so that when you use them, it feels easy and natural, like working with the real thing.

Alcohol-based markers, such as Copic markers, are used by both professional artists and hobbyists to create brilliant and colorful works of art, from cartooning and comics, to lettering pieces, illustration, and more. Now you can have the joy of drawing with real markers along with the benefits of working digitally in Procreate: unlimited colors, layers, undo, erasing, masks, available to you anytime, anywhere, right on your iPad.

**Best of all — these won’t bleed through the damn paper.**

I’ve created a tutorial to learn how to create authentic looking marker drawings in Procreate. You can watch it in the product image section above or by clicking here: ****

COPICat Markers come with a total of **28 brushes** organized into three sets in your brush palette

- **COPICat Markers // 10 brushes**: A variety of authentic marker brushes with 6 unique marker nibs including Round, Brush, Standard Fine, Super Fine, Chisel, and Wide.
- **COPICat Layering // 10 brushes**: Layering versions of all the Marker brushes. These have unique properties of transparency, color mixing, and building up darkness and saturation with brush stroke layering.
- **Tools & Textures // 8 brushes**: Three unique seamless marker textures in both light and dark as well as a custom eraser and blending brush.

*Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.*

1. Round - Nearly mono-line and semi-opaque with subtle marker texture.
2. Round Heavy - A more solid version of “Round” with harder edges and less opacity. Great for bold strokes.
3. Brush - Emulates a flexible nib for perfect thick-to thins with a pointed taper. Makes a great lettering brush!
4. Brush Heavy - A more solid version of “Brush” with harder edges and less opacity. Great for bold strokes.
5. Standard Fine - Small point monoline brush with opacity effects and marker texture. Great for detail work, sketching, and lettering.
6. Super Fine - Even smaller moonlike brush for the tiniest details! Texture is slightly more subtle that Standard Fine.
7. Chisel - Thick on the downstrokes, thin on the horizontals. Rotate Procreate canvas to control direction of thick strokes.
8. Chisel Heavy- A more solid version of “Chisel” with harder edges and less opacity. Great for bold strokes.
9. Wide - A wide, semi-opaque brush that follows the curve of the stroke. Great for filling in large areas.
10. Wide Dry - A textured wide brush with heavy pressure sensitivity. Adds unique texture effects to your work!

1. Smooth Marker Texture (light and dark) - Evenly blended seamless texture to create that authentic Copic look. Makes a versatile shading brush as well.
2. Irregular Marker texture (light and dark) - A choppy messy seamless stroke texture.
3. Stripe Marker Texture (light and dark) - Stroke marks go side to side to emulate filling in areas of color in one direction. This brush is oriented to the iPad screen and can be controlled by rotating your Procreate canvas.

1. Blender - Smoothly blend colors together as if you were using a colorless blender marker.
2. Eraser - Perfectly crafted to match the softness and texture of Marker brush strokes.
3. Copic Marker Color Chart - I painstakingly recreated each of the 358 Copic ink colors and organized them into these three handy charts. Simply import it to your Procreate canvas and use the eyedropper to select a color. The full Copic color library right at your fingertips!

- 28 Procreate Brushes in organized in 3 sets
- Copic Marker Color chart in 3 orientations
- Installation Guide PDF
- Brush Stroke Guide PDF


**INSTALLATION // Be sure to update Procreate to version 5 or later (required)**

**DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY TO iPAD (iOS 13 or later) //** After downloading the .zip file, it will appear in your Files App under “Downloads”. Tap the .zip folder to extract it, and a folder will appear. Inside the folder you will find your COPICat Marker brushes and color charts.

**INSTALL BRUSH SETS //** Tap each of the three .brushset files to instantly import them into Procreate. They will appear in the Brushes panel. *DO NOT use the import function in the brushes panel -- it is only for individual brushes, it does not support .brushset files. If attempted, the file will appear greyed out.*

**COLOR CHARTS //** Store them in your Files app for easy access. Drag the COPICat Color Charts folder to the “On My iPad” section of your Files app. Alternatively, you can save them to your Camera roll by tapping one to open it, then tap the Share icon in the top right, then tap Save Image. To use the Color Charts, simply import one to your canvas as a photo, then use the eyedropper tool to select a color. Learn about Color Charts and more in the COPICat Marker tutorial!

**Buy now to start creating some awesomeness!**


*These brushes are only compatible with the Procreate app on the Apple iPad Pro. They do not work in Photoshop or any other program or app.*

I’d love to see what you create! Share your work using **#bardotbrush**

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