Eight Procreate Lettering Brushes

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** Eight Custom Paint-Brush-Style Procreate Lettering Brushes**

When I first brought home my iPad Pro, I was so excited to start lettering. But I found that the brushes that came with the app weren't really all that suited to a hand letterer's needs. Over time, I've created and fine-tuned a set of brushes that allow me to letter just like I do in "real life" (you know, on real paper). Having these brushes available to me on my iPad Pro has drastically changed my work process, allowing me to create professional-level projects more quickly and more creatively.

In the two years since I started creating Procreate Brushes, so much has changed in the app and now there are so many more amazing, cool things you can do with brushes. This set of 8 brushes was created to take full advantage of cool realistic features like pull, drag, and fall-off while still implementing the kinds of things that have always made my brushes popular with letterers: streamline, pressure and speed sensitivity, thick and thin variation, and realistic shapes and grains.

These 8 brushes will help you create lettering projects so realistic and cool, people won't even realize you lettered them on an iPad. They're really well suited to those of you looking to shortcut your creation of openSVG fonts, as well.


**Included in this Download**
*Please note that everything listed here will be included in a .zip file. If you download this .zip file directly to your iPad Pro, you will need a third-party app (from the App Store) to extract the installation guides and individual .brush files. If you prefer, you may download the .zip file to your computer, extract the files there, and then transfer the individual brushes to your iPad Pro using dropbox, iCloud, Airdrop, or whatever method you choose.*

- 8 custom brushes, designed to simulate real-world lettering tools and perform realistic lettering strokes
- Detailed Installation Guide PDF with screenshots (this is the main installation guide if you’re new to installing Procreate brushes)
- Alternate Installation Guide PDF explaining how to import multiple brushes at once to your iPad Pro by using a Mac with Airdrop
- Blank dotted and lined practice sheets you can import into your Procreate convas
- A tracing guide you can import into your Procreate convas to help you master the speed, pressure, and rhythm of each of the included brushes



- iPad Pro
- Apple Pencil (or comparable, pressure-sensitive stylus)
- The Procreate App for iPad

*these brushes DO NOT work with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other programs*


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