Affinity Grunge Toolbox Brushes

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This **Affinity brushes set** includes 34 brushes designed to add texture to your artworks. The preview images show the brushes used in combination with Sketch & Toon 3D renders, but the brushes can also be used on any other kinds of illustrations, sketches, drawings and even photos.

**There are three categories in this set:**

- Brushes: these work like regular brushes and are pressure sensitive. You can use them to add details, shading, or for a more controlled texture process.
- Texture stamps: these square-shaped brushes have been sampled from paint roller marks; just tap with the stylus to add them on the canvas. These brushes work well when set to a large size, to cover large areas of the image at once. Tip: rotate the canvas to get a different brush orientation.
- Borders stamps: and finally, these brushes are great for adding a grunge border to your images. Make sure your canvas is straight when applying these brushes, to get horizontal or vertical orientation.

**What's included:**

- 1 .afbrushes file with the grunge brushes + another .afbrushes file with the stamp brushes
- 1 JPG swatches sheet for a quick preview of all the brushes


- Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer (these brushes work in the *Pixel Persona* in Affinity Designer)

- Recommended: a tablet with pressure sensitive stylus (some of the brushes have settings for pressure sensitivity, such as opacity and size).

**How to install the brushes:**

• Open the Brushes panel in Affinity (View Studio Brushes)

• Click on the options button at the top right of the panel, select "Import brushes"

• Locate the brush file (.afbrushes format), select it, and click Open - the set is now added to your collection.
Compatible with: Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo
File Type: JPG
File Size: 181.09 MB