Dry Liners Procreate Brush Set

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The **Dry Liners Brush Set for Procreate** comes with 8 textured brushes that you can use for line art, to fill areas of color, hand lettering, sketching and much more.

I created this set to add a touch of imperfection to my illustrations, so my work would feel more natural and authentic.

All brushes are designed with pressure sensitivity and are optimized for use with the Apple Pencil. They can easily be scaled to adjust to your needs.

Each one of these brushes comes with different amounts of texture and provides a variety of strokes. The first 4 brushes are ideal for line art and the other 4 are best for filling areas of color, but you can play with them and combine as you wish.

As a bonus, you will also find a gritty texture brush that matches perfectly with the brushes of this set, that you can use to sprinkle even more texture on your work.

**The Dry Liners Brush Set includes:**

- 4 line art brushes
- 4 brushes for color filling
- 1 bonus texture brush
- installation instructions PDF

**File format:**
- Procreate brush set (.brushset)
- individual Procreate brushes (.brush)

- Procreate app
- iPad


**Important note:**
In order to use this set, **you’ll need the Procreate App installed on your iPad**.
Please note that this won’t work on any other app (like Photoshop or Illustrator).


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I hope you have fun creating your art with this brush set!
Compatible with: Procreate
File Type: BRUSH, PDF
File Size: 1.44 MB