Custom Characters Creation Kit

in Graphics / Illustrations

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**Create beautiful illustrated characters in a few clicks!**
This kit will allow you to create you female and male characters,
move them freely to a desired pose, add different objects, patterns and
floral backgrounds.

The custom character creaton kit is a great design asset to help you
design easily custom characters and illustrated scenes.

All the parts of the characters ( heads, body, hands and legs)
are separeted so they can be easily moved to create a
movement to the characters.

Also included animal heads so you can create human animal characters
for adding more fun to your projects.

There are also geometrical and floral seamless patterns
included so you can change the outfits looks and backgrounds.

So let’s dive in and see what is included:

**Woman characters:**
* 5 skin tones
* 16 hair style
* 5 different haur colors
* 23 outfits options
* 10 shoes styles
* Different accessories - hats, bags, scarfs, necklaces, glasses and sunglasses
* 29 hand gestures
* 11 Animal heads: lioness, afgan hound, bear, bulldog, deer, fox, hippo,
jiraffe, panda, rabbit, raccoon
* 23 pre-designed human characters
* 11 pre-designed animal characters

**Man characters:**
* 5 skin tones
* 13 hair styles
* 5 hair colors
* 5 beard styles
* 17 ou
Compatible with: Adobe Illustrator
File Type: AI, EPS, PNG, JPG, PDF
File Size: 1.16 GB