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A 5th volume of 30 images of pretty little wild flowers. Found in vintage publications, carefully extracted and restored with attention to detail, they can ensure a floral, feminine, fairy-tale, botanical or medicinal look or just beautify any DIY or design project. Listing pictures show preview of the individual images included in the set.

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What is included?

A ZIP file where you can find:

30 large-sized PNG images with transparent background with a resolution of 300 dpi /the industry standard ensuring high quality prints/. PNG format is readily supported by most image editing and manipulation software.

30 EPS files – vector versions of the images which can be resized infinitely without any loss of quality whatsoever. This means you can enlarge the files or resize them to any size you may need without fear of pixelization. Files are saved in a legacy format and thus can be open with Adobe Illustrator 10 and above.

How do I use it?

These vintage digital resources can be used in a huge variety of projects, the sky is the limit. Some of the ideas include but are not limited to:

Using them to design logos and branding images; invitations, celebration cards or any other form of stationery for parties, weddings or virtually any occasion; desktop or mobile phone wallpapers; presentation themes and so on
Printing/transferring/painting/decoupaging them onto textile goods /fabric, clutches, bags, totes, drapes, curtains, sheets, pillow covers, T-shirts and other garments, carpets, rugs, table covers, etc./; and onto clay, ceramic, glass, metal, wooden or other goods /boxes, bottles, jugs, jars, vases, mugs, glasses, plates, bowls, tiles, deco objects of all kinds, jewelry and other accessories/
Printing them to be hung as home décor
Please bear in mind that the items included in this listing may not be:

Sold or redistributed as giveaways or freebies separately or as is
Sold or redistributed as giveaways or freebies as a part of another set
Sold in any digital form where the images can be easily extracted or traced. Please make sure you flatten the images into your designs.
I have an issue. What do I do?

Should you encounter any problems with the product, do not hesitate to send a message. I will gladly work with you to resolve whatever may be causing you trouble, provide helpful advice or at least give you some ideas where you can find a solution if it is outside my expertise.

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