Human Poses for Clip Studio Paint

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**Version 1.0.0**
This pack contains ready-to-use human poses for the 3D mannequin figures in Clip Studio Paint.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the program, Clip Studio Paint is an extremely powerful drawing software. One of the unparalleled features that come with the app allows users to import a 3D human figure and make different poses with it. Then artists can use any pose they make as their guides and view the doll from any angle.

As you can imagine, this tool helps anyone learn how to sketch the human body effortlessly.

As awesome as it sounds, making poses from scratch is time consuming and not always that easy. I have spent many hours constructing different poses from real-life cases and I will be adding them all to this pack.

The pack contains three main directories where the poses have been grouped based on their type:
- Full body
- Hand gestures
- Scenes

All poses are sorted in their own folder where the contents include a **.clip** file that contains the 3D model data and a thumbnail image that you can use when you register the pose as a material.

User Guide is also included in case that you don't know how to register poses.

This pack is only compatible with Clip Studio Paint. The files cannot be opened in any other program.

You also cannot import the 3D model into 3D modeling program like Blender.

This pack is **not** an assets library containing **registered poses** that you can simply import to your Materials palette and have them ready to use. This is not possible outside of Clip Studio Paint’s assets platform.

The only workaround to share 3D poses outside of the assets platform is to save the file that contains the 3D model as a normal working **.clip** file. That data can then be opened and viewed by other users on their own devices.

That being said, this pack is a collection of files with the **.clip** extension where each file contains a 3D mannequin model in a different pose. Every pose is organized in its own folder with a ready-to-use thumbnail for material registration.
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